By Dr Josh Lamaro and Dr Jack Kruse

This post is not in any way shape or form written to cause offense, but is a summary of a year’s worth of frustrations at the current state of the health “blogosphere” and other modern social media platforms and their influence on health practices in the wider population.

Modern connectedness allows anyone and everyone to post information on any selected topic from just about any location on the planet at any given time.  This is obviously a very powerful and convenient tool, and part of our every day lives now, where a browse of Google has replaced a trip to the university library, but could it also be harmful?

Currently in Australia, all Health Care practitioners must be registered under AHPRA, such that any actions or interventions prescribed or administered by an individual practitioner can be regulated, and dealt with accordingly if they appear to be harmful to the patient.  The internet and its many associated media platforms (instagram, facebook, etc) does not have such stringent governing bodies, and allows anyone who is able to register for an account on these platforms to give themselves any number of vague titles that utilise loaded language in their account info, in such a way as to appear as an “expert” in their “field.”

A quick browse of any hashtag like #cleaneating, #healthy or #wholefoods etc will bring up hundreds of accounts belonging to unqualified “wellness experts,” some of whom have hundreds of thousands of followers, apparently following blindly in the inspirational footsteps of their “wellness idols.”  Don’t get us wrong, we are all for people making positive changes in their lives and the lives of others, and providing inspiration and positive reinforcement.  What we have a problem with is when this push for change is based on misinformation and incomplete understanding of the material being presented.  In a recent conversation, someone said that they “try and do the right things, but the right things always seem to change!” We cannot help but wonder if this is a case of too many underqualified instagram and facebook wellness “experts” imparting their dogma to the masses of unsuspecting followers who, with all the best intentions, begin to live their lives in a similar fashion.  The fragmented scientific literature and media coverage of this is also to blame, but that would call for another blog….

Recently in the social media scene, we have seen the fallout of following information based on half truths and human emotions regarding wellness.  A prominent social media wellness figure, and founder of a popular lifestyle app, who started the app after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, wanted to push a whole foods movement to the masses, based on the diet she was using to reverse and heal her cancer. Sadly, this public figure has anounced publicly on instagram this week that she has received diagnoses of further cancer growth, both primary and secondary in nature.

The dietary principles suggested by this popular wellness figure to heal cancer turned out to be what she describes as “vegetarian paleo.” – see below an excerpt from an interview from this website

Ones dietary choice is his/her own, however we question whether readers and consumers of this information take it as a whole truth, and apply it to themselves in the hope of PREVENTING cancer….The authors have seen evidence of this blind following on social media.

“Vegetarian Paleo” is an oxymoron when it comes to brain cancer.  Everyone in science reads the same data, but few people see what we see.

Energy in the body comes in the form of electrons (stripped from food, absorbed by earthing etc) and photons.  Electrons energise the body  through water bound to collagen, as outlined by Ling and Pollack, and via quantum tunnelling through the mitochondria to create ATP, which unfolds protein binding sites to expose them to this water hydration shell to become energised.

Cancer is a disease where energy is being lost chronically over time to our environment.  It is a disease state where a low redox state is the rule, not the exception.  It is a state where the delta psi in mitochondria are off.  A low redox potential = a low delta psi.  Delta psi is the charge on our inner mitochondrial membrane.  Cancer is a state where water chemistry in cells is altered.  Water is lacking inside and around cells, and cells are generally dehydrated.  The water that is left behind has very little oxygen tension in it. Electrons create oxygen tension in water.  Cancer is a disease where protons outnumber electrons in a cell.  Many of the things advocated and shown in pictures and in text by this individual were heavily weighted with protons.

Protons stiffen your response to environmental pressures.  This leads to a less compliant design in our proteins’ conformations.  We become less adaptable to our environment which leads to cellular chaos.  Medical schools and PhD programs are full of students who are good at adopting the given “wisdom” of their teacher, but not necessarily good at free thinking and questioning.  Internet “wellness experts” are even worse at this, because they have learned to follow precepts handed to them from presumed authorities.

Humans are designed to eat an electron dense diet, and this is evidenced by a shortened gut and an expanded brain that steepens their energy needs while restricting their sleep needs to 7.5- 8.5 hours. All of these features are tied to how well we can access autophagy (cellular repair). Having enough sleep everyday can improve the quality of life. Do you want to sleep better? Then check out this post about hospital beds that don’t look like a hospital bed to learn more! This implies that humans must have evolved around an environment providing a constant source of electron density from their environment. Humans who eat like Gazelles do, or lose electrons to their environment faster than they collect them, are now known as people with diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, sleep apnea, and eventually cancer.

Let’s explore some more problems with this supposed “anti-cancer diet”

No DHA-containing fish or quality amino acids from meat is indeed alarming to see in a supposed “anti-cancer” diet.  Limiting bioavailable dense sources of glycine, proline, cysteine would be the fastest way to degrade the collagen cytoarchticture in the body.  Without collagen we cannot bind water to create exclusion zones, and thus we cannot electrify DNA and RNA.  With no water micells surrounding DNA, and no electrons and photons being converted to useful electricity to power DNA replication, the brain would certainly suffer..

Without DHA we cannot capture electrons and convert them to electricity in the brain.  DHA is the only lipid in biochemistry that can capture electrons from our environment and change them from electrical to optical signals and back again.  It has been found to be abundant in the brain and nervous system of every Mammal in existence since the Cambrian Explosion. .Where does DHA come from?  Seafood…(also some in grassfed meats)  DHA is deemed a “brain-specific nutrient.”

Oops.  Must have missed the memo on that one…

It has been shown repeatedly (since 1887!) that cancer cells almost exclusively utilize glucose to make ATP without the use of their mitochondria This is called a Warburg metabolism, and its role in cancer was recently championed by Dr. Mina Bissell, a cancer researcher in the United States.  Her ideas were backed up by researcher Nora Volkow.  Cancer is a state where glucose metabolism is up regulated as a result of cellular energetics becoming poor (low redox – low electron count on mitochondrial membrane – low delta psi).  Many posts and pics by this “expert” showed that carbohydrate bias was heavily present in the food she presented.

Hello Dr Warburg…

Not understanding this key link is a problem for whole foods proponents internet-wide, it seems, as they continue to tout the benefits of “raw treats” made out of glucose-filled berries and dates year round, providing a constant source of summertime electrons to elevate blood sugar whilst simultaneously creating circadian signalling issues.  “But it’s okay, because its #raw, #vegan and #paleo!”  This kind of diet is extremely dangerous in the presence of a low delta-psi or redox state of the mitochondria.  Readers should now direct themselves to Jack’s site, where has written extensively regarding circadian signalling and mitochondrial function based on the quanta of energies contained in various food electrons.  This information can also be found in his book.

Constant carbohydrate consumption elevates IL-6.  IL-6 is the master cytokine mediator of inflammation and immunity in all species.  It is directly linked to leptin resistance. Recently, IL-6 has also been found to be the principle biomarker for cellular senescence.  When cells continually experience stress and oxidative damage from ROS/Free Radical formation at cytochrome 1 of the mitochondria, their responses can range from complete recovery (autophagy) to cell death (apoptosis,) depending on the severity of the oxidation. Proliferating cells can initiate an additional response by adopting a state of permanent cell-cycle arrest that is termed cellular senescence.  IL-6 causes senescent cells to secrete the senescence associated secretory phenotype (SASP), which is a group of over 70 cytokines secreted by senescent cells. When collagen is destroyed, fibroblasts filled with cholesterol replace them in the granulation tissue.  When the redox potential of a tissue is chronically low a tissue gains SASP,  and this promotes cancer signaling and a Warburg metabolism in that cell.  A Warburg metabolism in a cell is a sign of a phase transition in the mitochondria.  Any time there is a phase transition energy must be exchanged according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  The cell chooses operate on glucose only, in the absence of ability to generate adequate ATP.  The more glucose is added, the more the cancerous cells can proliferate.  This alone makes a pretty good case against any “paleo raw treat” when one is faced with a diagnosis of cancer.  This also underpins the science behind the successful interventions for cancer involving ketogenic diets and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This also explains why the two phenomena, aging and cancer, are chronologically, biologically, and physically linked in our modern world.  IL-6 can generate paracrine and autocrine feedback loops, thereby activating nearby cells to become cancerous and self-activating the production of more IL-6.  When IL-6 is increased cell volumes increase anywhere it is present.

this one was annotated “the ultimate brain food for long days” (!)

This glycation situation is horrible no matter what the environmental pressure, but it is a recipe for disaster in a modern tech-filled environment swamped with non-native EMF.  The following interview excerpts give us another big clue into the other mismatches present in this example’s life:

The effects of non-native EMF on many systems of the body are extremely well documented since the 1950s…summarized collections of many important modern studies can be found here and here.  It appears Steve Jobs really may have been the biggest overall influence on this woman’s health which in case you are interested in how to care, read this post about how does leanbean work.

How do we transfer energy to our cells to ensure proper conformational protein folding?  The simple answer is we use water bound to our collagen.

Once bound to collagen, waters begins to acquire a unique chemical ability which gives it some properties no one expected.  It works as an electron and proton super-conductor.  It works so well as a medium for energy transfer, the cell does not need ATP to hydrolyze phosphate to drive the energy of activation of the reactions as most organic chemists believe.  In the proper magnetic field, water is coherent, and it means it can transfer energy with 100% efficiency.  Just to give you perspective, a modern combustible car engine gives you 14%–26% energy from gas.  Your mitochondria gives you 39% efficiency from glucose or fat to make ATP.  39% is not enough to explain enzymatic fluxes or reaction speeds to overcome the energy of activation we have measured in experiments today.

Mitochondrial energy production was the “add on booster” we got at endosymbiosis to increase energy generation.  Yes, life does use quantum theory after all and there is massive proof of it if you bother to look for it.  It seems this online “expert” did not.

We have the following mismatches:

Cancer diagnosis = fragged mitochondria/dehydrated cells

+ non native EMF = further decoherence of intracellular water = decrease in cellular energy dynamics = more pressure on remaining mitochondria – DHA = electron scarcity = increased fenton reactions and hydroxyl free radical formation = massive cell membrane peroxidation = depletion of stem cells and cellular senescence = immortalisation of senescent cells = warburg metabolism + glucose ++++ = metastatic cancer.

What happens in any mismatched environment?

The simple answer is your cells begin to change the essence of what they are made of; your proteins alter their shapes and sizes and work differently.   These changes lead to what we know as cancer.  This woman’s online life was a pictorial of this story sadly. What we call proteins in biology is what the quantum system calls condensed matter. Condensed matter is energy.  Einstein’s E =mc2 tells us this.  Biology does not realize this because they cannot measure these changes yet.  Because they cannot measure it they do not believe it exists.  You need to realize that physics knows and predicts this is what happens everywhere in the universe.

There is no regulatory body that oversees information on the web, or in cookbooks or ebooks.  This puts the onus on the consumer to be well informed regarding the information they are presented with.  The dangers of mindlessly promoting lifestyle changes in the absence of full understanding of the science backing it are becoming realities for many worldwide.  The modern environment and it’s effect on cellular energy dynamics is never taken into consideration when internet “wellness experts” give advice…the authors consider this to be the major factor contributing to deaths in what are considered “healthy” individuals.

People will say we are being crude or arrogant or unsympathetic by pointing some of this out in the face of a woman dying of cancer, but guess how humans learn? From errors.
Never regret your errors or errors of others. A subtle thought that is in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value to your future.

The right thing isn’t always really obvious to the rest of the world. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. And everything, in retrospect, is obvious to those who use forethought. How you think makes you great. 99.9% of humans use hindsight to dictate their actions. Some of us train to see the unseen.

The key is realizing what holds your thoughts captive to keep you blind.

We expect this blog may be unpopular with some, it is inevitable when the topic of Cancer is discussed.

Be wary of dogma created for the masses.

are these “health experts” caring for you or killing you slowly?


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