Evolutionary Medicine & Nutrition

Evolutionary Science is critical to an understanding of integrated human health in a modern world.  Advances in the fields of genomics, epigenetics, developmental biology and epidemiology have led to the growing realisation that incorporationg evolutionary thinking is essential, if medicine is to achieve its full potential.

The application of the principles of molecular evolution, human evolution and energy systems, and evolutionary-developmental biology to modern health issues allows us to see the incongruancies between a modern lifestyle and the conditions of existence that initially led to our evolutionary seperation from our nearest ancestors.  The main difference between us and our closest relatives being the size of our brains, and the development of our complex neuro-immunity.  These newest features laid down by evolution are the most fragile, and the first features to go awry when the conditions of existence are not optimal.  This is precisely what we are seeing today in the explosion of neurodegenerative disease and autoimmune diseases.

Using functional hormone and biomarker labs we are able to accurately diagnose where the issue lies, and how to rectify it naturally using the 3 foundational laws of nature that were (and stil are) prerequisites for all life on earth.  Using changes in diet as a tool, we can effectively alter hormone signalling as we increase energy to the system and deliver potent amounts of nutrients via real food.

The foundational cornerstones of nutritional intervention are in limiting inflammation, lowering omega 6 foodstuffs, limiting fructose, limiting carbohydrate intake, increasing concentration of omega 3 laden protein sources, and limiting uses of foods known to cause nutrient depletion or nutrient loss in the gut.