By Dr Josh Lamaro

Since the last blog, Whole Pantry App developer Belle Gibson has featured in Australian mainstream media, as she has returned from secret work escapades in Silicon Valley, where she spent time developing her app for Apple’s new iWatch.  You heard that right, the world’s first health, wellness and lifestyle app – a “resource for healthier living” is now becoming available on a wireless device you can wear on your person 24/7 (!) 

The Age featured a story about the app’s release for this horrid device, in which Belle is quoted as saying “I love working with Apple, it is an inspiring think-tank filled with a vibrant, collective energy. Everything comes together for Apple’s ecosystem to work”

Well, everything coming together in a coherent manner is what it is about in health and wellness too, and there is one large chunk missing from TWP’s health and wellness “ecosystem.”

Internet based experts continue to tout one diet over another, a particular exercise regime, and ways to manage stress, while end-users become ever confused and frustrated that what works for one has no impact for another.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the environment one finds oneself in in seldom spoken of, yet is literally the most important factor in all of life.  This is why the story of Belle’s trip to California, and the very notion of a health and wellness app on a wearable electromagnetic device is so painfully ironic.

At the end of the seventeenth century, Newtonian physics became the cornerstone of science, and it was based on the theory that there is only matter and nothing else – the whole universe is a machine, made of matter, and so are we. Medical science is still stuck in the Newtonian concept, even though the rest of science has now moved on to quantum physics.  Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper into the workings of the atom, you see that there is nothing there – just energy waves.  Those energy waves can be measured and their effects seen, but they are not a material reality, they have no substance because they are…well, just electricity.

Science now embraces the idea that the universe is made of energy in the form of these charged particles.  In fact, it is not entirely correct to call them particles, because particles imply matter.  Enter quanta, which has a different connotation altogether. Quanta is both a particle and a wave. It is difficult to comprehend how something could be both a particle and a wave simultaneously, but quanta is both. Sometimes it behaves as a particle – which is matter; and sometimes it behaves as a wave – which is energy.  Both Protons and Electrons can be termed Quanta.

the electromagnetic force determines the actions of all sub-atomic particles

The behaviour of all charged quanta is controlled by electromagnetic forces, a group of which can be collectively termed the Electromagnetic Field.  In Earth’s natural state, there is a natural circadian and seasonal variation in the strength of the native electromagnetic field, which is sensed by all cell membranes in much the same way that a radio receiver picks up different radio stations at varying frequencies.  This enables the organism to order its molecular structures and functions accordingly to best suit its current environment.  All cellular energetic output in a biological system is yoked to the current cellular environment.

Within all cells, the Mitochondria are the energy factories.  Any modern biology textbook will clearly outline the way that substrate enters the mitochondria, which is in the form of negatively charged quanta called electrons.  The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) controls the actions of all charged quanta, therefore it also determines how the electron transport chain moves electrons across the inner mitochondrial membrane, and thus in turn effects biologic energetics.  When the EMF in the local environment is altered, mitochondria are forced to handle electrons differently.  Usually this ensures best survival of the organism in a circadian and seasonal way, but what happens when the organism finds itself in a chronically altered environment with non-native EMF frequencies?

The net result of a dramatically altered field is that there are no longer predictable diurnal patterns, nor 4 predictable seasons to yoke metabolic happenings and cellular energy processes in the mitochondria.  We call this cellular chaos.  To visualise the altered field effect, think back to the radio; What happens to the radio reception in a car when you pass under power lines over a freeway?  The radio signal is disrupted and a hiss or crackle is heard in place of the music.  This is a temporary alteration of the electromagnetic field, and is gone when you pass by the power lines.  In this case the radio signal can be seen as correct cellular signalling, and the hiss/crackle as chaos in the cell.  In a modern tech-filled Silicone Valley, the radio signal can never be heard loud and clear, because the environment is so polluted with non-native EMF disrupting cellular signalling and timing.

In this way, Cellphones, iPads, WIFI routers, and all pulsed EMF technologies create widespread cellular chaos in all tissues, primarily affecting those with the highest mitochondrial density such as the brain, heart, abdominal viscera and skeletal muscle. (A collection of 1800+ studies showing the various mechanisms by which non native EMF causes harm can be found in the BioInitiative Report)

So what exactly happens down at the mitochondrial level?  The short answer is that electron chain transport is slowed and broken up, much in the same way the radio signal is broken up. There is an up-regulation of the AMPK pathways, which promote carbohydrate metabolism and carbohydrate cravings.  Whilst acute activation of AMPK pathways permits a rapid adaption or resistance to external and internal stresses, sustained stimulation of the same pathway leads the cells toward a condition of irreversible senescence, which is detrimental to normal physiological functions, as discussed in the previous blog.  Chronically up-regulated carbohydrate metabolism leads to an increase in reactive oxygen species production at cytochrome 1 of the mitochondria.    If one electron is lost, it results in superoxide production.  If we lose two electrons in our mitochondria, we develop more swelling and the signaling molecule is hydrogen peroxide.  The body uses superoxide dismutase 1 to control these two positively charged signaling molecules.  When electrons are being stolen at higher rates like in Silicon Valley, or when one is wearing an electromagnetic device on their person 24/7, a new type of ROS is formed. When 3 or more electrons are lost from our mitochondria, we make the hydroxyl free radical. This is called a Fenton reaction, and it is bad news. We have no enzyme that can contain this reaction. The hydroxyl free radical causes irreversible damage to membranes, organelles, mitochondria, and DNA in a cell.  This means we have to constantly recycle these cellular parts to maintain our cells’ integrity.                                                               A vegetarian diet such as that promoted by TWP app, and chosen by it’s founder, will result in cell membranes containing very little DHA.  Instead, they are largely comprised of volatile omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which, when oxidized, promote widespread release of inflammatory cytokines, further demolishing cell membrane integrity via oxidative stress.   All inflammation is positively charged in life, thus mitochondrial output of protons is a proxy for inflammation.  This is always due to a lack of electrons in the electron transport chain in the mitochondrial membranes.  In this way, Mitochondria are like the scales of justice. When protons are more prominent, the redox potential is poor and disease ensues. When we have more electrons in the system, the redox potential is excellent.  The more electrons we have, and the better their rate of flow, the more potential and kinetic energy is stored in our proteins and water hydration shells to allow us to deal with the stressors of the current environment.

The environment the cell finds itself in is directly proportional to outcomes the cell may face.  Autophagy and Apoptosis are the two change programs the mitochondria use to keep us metastable, young, and full of stem cells.  When this balance is upset, apoptosis is favoured repeatedly, we use more stem cells, shorten our telomeres, and neolithic disease and cancer is the result.  Autophagy relies on sleep to work it’s magic, which is more bad news for iWatch users hoping to achieve health via app-based wellness information.

The above screenshot is another example of the internet-based-half-truth-wellness-advice so prevalent nowdays.  The link between vitamin D deficiency and just about all neolithic diseases including cancer have been well known for a long time now.  In Australia we have a little problem known as the “vitamin D paradox” where we have 75% of the population vitamin D deficient, and yet we have never seen more melanoma in this country.  This suggests (if we are to blame the sun for melanoma) that Australians are clearly seeing enough sun…so what gives?  Well, this is another example of a lack of understanding of the material permeating through the ether.  #cancerprevention??  Let’s explore….

Electromagnetic fields act on voltage gated calcium channels in cells to cause calcium efflux, excitotoxity and apoptosis.  With more calcium liberated from cells as standard, as the case would be when one is wearing a transmitting device on their wrist, or carrying one in their pocket, is it any wonder the body down-regulates vitamin D production?  The body works on tightly regulated feedback loops to maintain metastability of ion concentrations across membranes.  Ca2+ controls the feedback actions on mitochondria everywhere including apoptosis and autophagy, as well as Vitamin D synthesis.  Down regulation of Vitamin D levels serves as a protective effect.. This is why everyone seems low on Vitamin D in the world regardless of their sun exposure. It implies taking Oral vitamin D in this case might cause some major issues. High calcium levels diminish magnetic effects within the mitochondria because the chronic elevation of calcium leads to chronic hypoxia. Hypoxia slows ECT transport and up-regulates AMPK pathways and carbohydrate metabolism.  Hypoxic blood does not deliver DHA and diatomic oxygen to tissues that need it (brain and heart.) This is how a Warburg redox shifted metabolism begins, which is the hallmark of cancer cell metabolism as discussed in the last blog.

Probably another reason to ditch the new iWatch, and another reason TWP app creator really is starting to look quite silly in her excitement surrounding the app’s release on such a device!  #cancerprevention starts at home, and ends in silicon valley with calcium efflux…

tip: it aint the soap…

Very soon after the last blog, TWP users were blessed with this article, warning them of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation exposure!  This article contained some hints for users to mitigate the effects of non-native EMF, which included herbal supplementation (?!)

Surely if TWP already knew these dangers of EMF, an iphone app would have been the last place to go to help others who are sick?  Perhaps it should have come as a disclaimer for using the app itself?  If cancer prevention and the best interests of its users were really the aim, wouldnt it make more sense to be actively discouraging the use of such devices, rather than promoting the use of a wifi receiver worn as an accessory??







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  1. Hi Dr. Josh, very clear and cogent explanation of QB principles but one thing bothers me – I don’t think you mean Silicone Valley but rather Silicon Valley, the high tech area around San Jose CA!

  2. It is an enlightening film for me. Grounding oneself throughout the day helps, I believe. Although I have no scienticic date to prove. It just makes sense of a way to demag. Simply touch a grounded object and hold for 10 seconds.

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