The Mirena and Menstrual Woes

The MirenaA client recently asked if i would write a piece on the Mirena contraceptive device, and i think it is well overdue with all the clinical disasters i have seen occur as a result of its prescription over the years. For those unaware, the Mirena is an Intra-uterine contraceptive device that secretes a synthetic […]

Global Movement and ACL Rehabilitation

By Mark McGrath In writing a short introduction to the below feedback, I need to be careful to contextualise the role of Convention, while at the same time, informing you of Possibilities beyond this Way of Looking. If I Injure my Musculo-Skeletal System in a way that compromises my ability to Rehabilitate the injury without […]

IVF, Melatonin and the Falling Redox Potential

A discussion was started recently on an online discussion forum on the topic of miscarriage of an expected IVF baby.  I made the comment that sometimes, when the conditions of existence are not met for the proper creation of a progeny, nature usually sees to it that these efforts do not come to fruition.  I […]

Food is Only One Input – Part Two

By Josh Lamaro, Jack Kruse and Yew-Wei Tan Imagine you were a simple organism born out of this world today, and found yourself in the environment pictured above.  Your task is to become familiar with your surroundings to be able to navigate your way around, and yoke your metabolism for optimal survival in these conditions. […]

Food Is Just One Input – Part 1

By Josh Lamaro, Jack Kruse and Yew-Wei Tan Unavoidable in the Australian media of late has been Pete Evans’ relentless dietary tirade as our “Paleo High Priest”, touting the whole-foods-cure-all-ailments message to the masses (Autism included!)  That’s right, the reason you have autism is because your (or your parents’) diet sucks (!?) At its heart, […]