Health Benefits of Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

What if you were told that it was possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle after you stopped taking Testosterone? While this one is not as well known, it is no less helpful for those affected by male issues. Although it is just a pill, the doses of this medication are within the range of the […]

The Osteopathy Paradox

By Kuno van der Post On the one hand osteopaths can hardly claim to treat anyone or anything, but on the other hand millions of people visit osteopaths for anything and everything, and are delighted with the results. And nowhere in osteopathic theory does it say that manipulation cures back pain. What is going on? […]

PUFA in Evolutionary and Environmental Context

In life, nothing ever remains the same for very long.  One state is continually moving into another in a ceaseless flow of energy and information.  Change, in this regard, is one of the essential characteristics of life.  Seasonally, we see constant environmental shifts, such as the bright, high energy states of spring and summer, flowing […]

The Mirena and Menstrual Woes

The MirenaA client recently asked if i would write a piece on the Mirena contraceptive device, and i think it is well overdue with all the clinical disasters i have seen occur as a result of its prescription over the years. For those unaware, the Mirena is an Intra-uterine contraceptive device that secretes a synthetic […]