IVF, Melatonin and the Falling Redox Potential

A discussion was started recently on an online discussion forum on the topic of miscarriage of an expected IVF baby.  I made the comment that sometimes, when the conditions of existence are not met for the proper creation of a progeny, nature usually sees to it that these efforts do not come to fruition.  I […]

Food is Only One Input – Part Two

By Josh Lamaro, Jack Kruse and Yew-Wei Tan Imagine you were a simple organism born out of this world today, and found yourself in the environment pictured above.  Your task is to become familiar with your surroundings to be able to navigate your way around, and yoke your metabolism for optimal survival in these conditions. […]

Food Is Just One Input – Part 1

By Josh Lamaro, Jack Kruse and Yew-Wei Tan Unavoidable in the Australian media of late has been Pete Evans’ relentless dietary tirade as our “Paleo High Priest”, touting the whole-foods-cure-all-ailments message to the masses (Autism included!)  That’s right, the reason you have autism is because your (or your parents’) diet sucks (!?) At its heart, […]

Cholesterol Labs Simplified

Some clients lately have heard me harp on about the way they have been mismanaged regarding their Lipid Panels.  It can often go over your head in the clinical setting as there is a lot to take on.  This video makes the whole thing pretty simple.  Watch it at your leisure.

When Everyone is an Expert – Part 4 – The Squat

The full squat forms an integral part of clinical physical assessment for any presentation at Paleo Osteo. This is because the full squat is part of a series of innate movements that reside in our CNS from birth, and are expressed during the first 13 months of infantile development. Ease of movement in this “true” […]